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Записи с темой: francisco bosch (список заголовков)

Интервью с Франциско!

Bagoas in love
Сегодня мне завидует вся Задракарта, но не потому, что я царь
Постараюсь в скором времени перевести, а пока наслаждайтесь так :white:

Age: 22

Status: Artist of the Company

From: Valencia, Spain

Now playing: Dancing various support roles.

Past: I began training at Consevatorio Professional de Danza in Valencia and then moved to Madrid to the Conservatorio de Danza.

Future: I'd say public relations. That's something else I've always wanted to do.

Influences: I have always tried not to be influenced by anything. I guess I try to just get the best out of myself all the time in everything I do. I don't try or want to be 'like' anyone else...just me.

What do the critics say: "Bosch smoulders"

Career highlights: I'd say Trapeze has been a highlight.

What drew you to dance? My grandma....She took me to one of the meetings of her flamenco group and I saw people dancing to music in a class. I turned to her and said "I want to do that." That was at the age of 5.

Is dancing in the round more challenging than dancing on a normal stage? I think it is. There's no place to hide, no matter how badly things go. You have people all around you, watching every move you make. Also, it's harder to keep to the patterns and shapes of the dance rather than in a traditional procscenium theatre.

Is it easy to be openly gay in ballet? I started flamenco dancing in Spain, which is considered to be quite a masculine form of dance and I didn't really think about my sexuality in relation, and how it would affect it. Personally, I didn't realise I was gay until quite late into my training as a ballet dancer, but I have been lucky to feel that people accept you for what you are and not whom you sleep with.

And another thing...Bosch beat off competition from hundreds of others to seduce Colin Farrell in Alexander. 'It was an amazing experience,' he says, 'Colin was one of the easiest people to live with, he is kind and funny and a real inspiration. I worked with him for about 5 months and he helped me in everything, as did everyone else on the film. Definately one of the best experiences in my life!"

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Bagoas in love
Сегодня мне завидует вся Задракарта, но не потому, что я царь
Ну, вдруг кто-то не смотрел фильм "Александр" или просто не помнит Багоаса (мде...). В общем вот вам кусочек из фильма - танец Багоаса :red:
смотреть на youtube

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